Monday, May 30, 2011

Customer Focused No Fax Cash Advances

The no fax cash advance is a fairly new concept included in the tailored financial services for today’s fast paced society. It has often been recommended to many people for its sheer speed and convenience. The design of the no fax cash advance is easy to understand and apply for. It can be applied for in minutes online by simply supplying a few basic details. The Speedy Payday Cash no fax cash advance follows this easy, no fuss, approach for all its lenders. Many states may have their own laws reqarding payday loans but all that allow online loans allow this no fax approach.

The no fax cash advance is so named, as the need to fax in documents has been omitted from the process. The need to send faxes to and fro to check credit records, reports and scores has been eliminated. This clerical part of the loan application process is usually the most time consuming. The no fax cash advance is aptly named ‘no fax’ as this is the major benefit behind the whole quick cash borrowing idea. Many lenders offer tools to upload any documents need to verify bank accounts. The speed and discretion of a payday loan service is often the main reason cited for its gaining popularity. Speed and discretion are often important when you need a loan as soon as possible.

Many people in the past have been discouraged from applying for small loans as they may have bad credit. The no fax cash advance, like the many other payday loan options available are that they are not as concerned as much with your credit rating. The loan application is assessed and approved without the need to consult a credit agency. This gives people with bad credit an opportunity to apply for short term financial assistance. A short term quick cash loan is often possible with a poor or even non existent credit history.

The no fax cash advance is speedily approved by evaluating your regular, and expected, income. The ability to repay is seen as more important than your past credit history. You must, of course, have a guaranteed income source and be over 18 years of age to apply. The no fax cash advance also requires you to have a current bank account. When your loan is approved it can be placed into your account by direct deposit. The whole design and process of a no fax cash advance is very customer focused. A rapid response is given following the submission of your application.

Every aspect of the application and payment process for short term funds is made quick, stress free, and easy. There is probably not a more customer focused loan available on the market than this type of cash advance. The entire concept was developed from customer's demands for loans that offer such a convenience. Any convenience usually carries a price and this is reflected in the fees charged for this kind of loan. The popularity of the no fax cash advance has shown that the customer focused convenience is often worth paying the extra cost. This type of quick cash loan remains more customer focused than traditional loans, through customer feedback and demand.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Online Payday Loans are Available Around the Clock

In many cities and towns around the world online payday loans are available 24 hours a day. This relatively new online financial service is proving very convenient for many people. Most traditional bank loans take quite a few days to finalize, and in some cases, weeks. There are some occasions when this would not be of benefit to you. There are many situations where you may need to get your hands on some cash as soon as possible. Online payday loans were designed to accommodate this kind of need. With very fast processing times it's now possible to provide the customer with the money they need, directly deposited into their bank account, by the next business morning. This big benefit has helped make these loans popular and ideal for emergencies. For an additional wiring fee loans can even be provided within 1 hour.

Online payday loans can be applied for at any time of day or night. As the application process is conducted online, this can be done at any hour of the day or night.  Wherever you can find access to the Internet you can find a lender and apply. Applications are typically short, easy to fill out and submit. With online payday loans you will not have to wait very long to receive a response. Our lenders guarantee you will get a decision within an hour of your application, if not immediately.

The beauty of online payday loans is that they are equally as convenient as they are fast. They are ideal for bridging the gaps in your finances, that you may experience every now and then. They have been utilized by many individuals to assist in many different situations. If you need cash quickly for any purpose, then an online payday loans could be exactly what your looking for.

Online payday loans are available around the clock, in line with many other 24/7 services in our fast paced environment. Another benefit of this type of service is that you don't need to disclose a lot of personal details about your financial history or credit score. This is because there are usually no credits check obstacles to overcome, which speeds the process up enormously.

So no matter what the time of day or night, it is where you are, you can access our online payday loan service. The application process is automated and and available 24 hours a day. This form of quick borrowing has really taken off, as people realize its handiness in times of need. Financial services, such as these, are now much more customer orientated than they were in the past. The introduction of this type of concept loan is an important step forward in the world of financial services. There was a gap in the market which was unfilled by traditional loan methods that is now covered by online payday loan companies. The removal of the credit check has been prominent in creating a loan that can help provide customers with the cash they need, fast.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Speedy Payday Cash Works With Reputable Cash Advance Loan Companies

Have you found yourself in need of a helping hand from one of the many cash advance loan companies out there? Perhaps you were lucky and found a great company, or you were unlucky and found one that hassled you or charged you fees that they kept quiet about until you signed on the line. Either way, both types of companies certainly exist.  Zippy takes the worry and hassle out of finding the good lenders by prequalifying the lenders we allow into our network.  Only the best lenders are allowed into our network and you can be certian all charges will be provided up front and in clear and concise language.

If you haven't taken out a cash advance loan before, you might wonder what exactly it is. A cash advance loan, sometimes called a payday loan, is a small amount of money that you get upfront from an online lender in exchange for paying it back (plus interest) on the due date.

Cash advance loan companies in our network typically offer cash advance loans of anywhere from a hundred dollars to a fifteen hundred dollars. This amount is intended to be enough for you to pay off any expenses that you absolutely need to so you can get by until your next payday.

The requirements for getting approved by one of our cash advance loan companies are fairly lax. All you really need is proof of employment, be over 18 and have a valid bank account so the lenders will be reasonably sure they'll get their money back.

Some states regulate cash advance loans and control the activities of cash advance loan companies, while others don't. Fortunately, all the cash advance loan companies in our network are honest, but you should still understand just what you're getting into before you take out a cash advance loan.

The cash advance loan companies, in our network, have been examined to ensure they amoung other things, have good consumer reviews or BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings. Our reputable payday loan lenders are highly regarded in these areas.

Finally, all our cash advance loan companies have to give you the information about their fees at some point before you sign their agreement. This means it will always be prominent information, but you should alwasy look carefully through all the information you are provided, particularly any agreements or contracts you sign. Be aware of any interest rates, fees, penalties, and so on.

Our cash advance loan companies are reputable and concerned with getting their money back while helping their customers survive through a rough period financially. If you're out of options then visit Speedy Payday Cash and let our lenders help you out!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

All About Long Term Payday Loans and Lines of Credit

     You're in a deep hole now. Not only are you likely in deep debt or barely avoiding it, you've just found out that you don't have enough money to make it through until your next paycheck, and even then, you probably won't have quite enough to make it through.

     This is why long term payday loans and lines of credit are a popular option, with the recent economic drought that drained the nest eggs of many savers and cost others their jobs, forcing them to opt for lower-paying jobs. It's difficult to adjust to sudden changes, and many find themselves swimming in a sea of debt rather quickly.

Never fear, Speedy is HERE!

     While there are short term loans available for people who just need a quick fix, long term payday loans and lines of credit are aimed towards consumers who need to have a longer repayment period in order to survive without ending up taking up another loan, and another... This option helps you avoid a cycle of debt over the long term.

     Payday loans are small amounts of money loaned for a relatively short period of time (usually till your next payday). They often are limited in the amount you can borrow, because it's so easy to be approved for these loans and the lenders need to ensure they don't lose too much money at once if you fail to repay the loan.

     The terms of typical long term payday loans and lines of credit are such that you are allowed to borrow an amount from $100 to $2,000 (in some cases, even more). You pay interest on this amount when you pay back the loan, but you are able to use this money hassle-free until it comes time for repayment. With this type of loan, you can defer repayment for a month to three months or more, where most payday loans last from two weeks to a month.

     Before taking out a long term payday loan or line of credit, you should read the terms carefully to find out more about the conditions under which you are borrowing. Carefully examine the loan agreement you are signing and make a note of the entire cost you will be charged and what the consequences are if you are late paying back the loan. It's definately best to make your payments on the loan on time, or you will pay a premium for the extra loan time and/or missed payment fees.

     Long term payday loans and lines of credit allow you to weather the storm of debt and come out on the other side.

     If you are in need of a long term payday loan or line of credit, go to our lending site, by clicking on any of the many links in this blog, enter your zip code and look for the lenders that offer longer term loans or lines of credit.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

How and Where to Find the Best Deal on a Payday Cash Advance Loan

The Internet has definately made obtaining a payday cash advance loan a lot simpler and easier, but it has also made it so that lenders need to be more competitive and begin putting the needs of their clients first in order to win their business. Reasons like this is why Speedy Payday Cash was created.  It is now faster and simpler for people to find the best deal on a short term cash loan and if you are in the position where you need to consider such a loan product, then you should be glad you found Speedy Payday Cash as we prequalify the lenders in our network are in a good position to shop around for one that best suits your financial needs.

Traditionally people who required a payday cash advance loan had very little bargaining power and when the cash was needed in a hurry they generally had very little time to shop around for a good deal. Because so many of these lending agencies are now online, people looking for a payday cash advance loan can now quickly and easily access a number of companies and compare their loan products easily. In addition to this, these tough economic times have seen the need for governments to begin regulating these loans more carefully, which has also added to strong competition within this sector. This has all been welcome news for anyone needing a payday cash advance loan.
So, how can you go about obtaining the best deal on a payday cash advance loan? Well the answer is simple. Just go online and do a quick search and you will have immediate access to numerous companies that can all provide you with a payday cash advance loan. Select a number of these and contact them to request a quote. You will receive these quotes quickly and before you know it you will have in hand information that will allow you to decide on the best payday cash advance loan that will meet your financial needs.
Naturally, when you are looking to borrow a small amount of money that you will need to pay back quickly the fees and charges of a payday cash advance loan will be a major consideration when choosing a company through which to obtain such a loan. But in order to find a payday cash advance loan that is right for you will need to look a bit closer at the terms and conditions offered by loan providers as they could impact on how suitable they are. You will need to consider the repayment terms and conditions and if there are any additional fees applicable to late payments or extensions.

If you require cash in a hurry then a payday cash advance loan can be the ideal loan product to get you out of a bad situation. Go online and compare the many lending agencies that provide great deals on these short term cash loans.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Easiest Way For You to Get Cash When You Need It is to Visit Speedy

peedy Payday Cash makes it easy to get the cash you need and when you need it most.

          There is no doubt that more and more people are faced with the pressures of juggling their bills and household expenses and, when you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck, finding the money for an unexpected expense can be an impossible task. Most people who have regular incomes can manage, most of the time, to organize their monthly expenses, but there may be times when the bills come in a little higher than usual or you incur a surprise expense and find that you simply don’t have the cash to meet those payments upfront. When you know you can meet those additional expenses from your next paycheck, but cannot wait for it to come in then a fast and easy payday cash advance loan can certainly get you out of trouble.

          When you take out a payday cash advance loan from a Speedy Payday Cash lender you don't need the collateral normally required for traditional personal loans and, what’s more, applying for a payday cash advance loan has never been easier. It's easier because it doesn’t require the mountains of paper work normally associated with getting a loan. All that is needed in order to secure a fast payday cash advance loan is that you have a regular and steady income and that you are over the age of eighteen. This kind of loan is designed to be provided quickly and repaid quickly, usually with a few weeks, but depending on your financial situation our lenders allow you to make repayments in installments by offering extensions as needed

         With many of the other lending agencies now online, getting a payday cash advance loan can be difficult but with Speedy is has never been easier and are lenders are more competitive because Speedy offers you a choice of lenders and the lenders are therefore forced to be more competitive. You just enter you zip code and we do a quick search and provide you access to a number of payday cash advance loan lenders and loan products.  We list them for you so you can easily compare products, rates and terms and therefore know you are getting the right loan to fit your unique needs. With Speedy Payday Cash you can always be certain that you are making an informed decision before applying for a loan with a selected lender.

          Applying for a payday cash advance loan online is quick and easy. All you need to do is fill in your zip code and select the lender that is right for you. Once you select a direct lender then you will be sent to their website to complete a simple application and be notified within minutes that you have been approved for your payday cash advance loan. By the next business morning the cash will be electronically deposited into your bank account so that you can quickly and easily access your much needed cash.

          It is not uncommon for customers to find themselves in desperate need of a few hundred dollars to meet some kind of unforeseen expense. Do to every one's financial hardships, there are fewer friends or relatives we can turn to for financial assistance. Speedy Payday Cash has made applying for and receiving a payday cash advance loan a quick and hassle free way for you to get access to your paycheck before payday.

          So if you find yourself in need of cash in a hurry then a payday cash advance loan through Speedy Payday Cash is certainly worth looking into. Click on one of the links provide and find out more about the many lenders and loan offers we provide and get access to the cash you need to help you out of this tough situation.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Payday loans are controversial – but they do fill a need

Now we’ve clearly shown both sides of the argument – and it’s a huge argument these days. So which party do you side with? That depends on your immediate situation. If you really just have to have it, and you don’t have any other choice, then a no fax and no credit check payday loan is probably the wise thing to do. At least you’ll be able to keep your sanity, even if it does cost you a few dollars.

When you find yourself in that situation, use it as an opportunity to learn. Remember, there are no mistakes – just lessons. If you have to get a payday loan get it online with a faxless payday loan, make sure you don’t roll it over too many times – that’s when it becomes a problem. And in the meantime, try to build up an emergency fund so you will be able to cover those unexpected costs. Become a good financial manager. Then you’ll have an alternative, and you won’t have to rely on an online payday loan as ”your last resort”.

Speedy Payday Cash can help you find an experienced, qualified, up front lender and get you cash fast.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Why would you choose not to get a payday loan?

Previous post examined the convenience of payday loans, let’s take a fair look at the disadvantages. Throughout the U.S., governments on every level are looking at payday loan companies with increasing concern. Many people think that they take advantage of low-income people in financial trouble. Some go as far as to say they “prey” on them. Their argument to that is that they’re filling a need and they’re not doing anything illegal. So the controversy continues – let’s examine why.

Remember back when you thought you’d solved your problem and you could get on with your life? Well, what if your next paycheck, after your budgeted expenses, wasn’t enough to pay back the loan?

If you came up short again, you needn’t worry – payday loans are renewable, or extendable. This process is called “rollover” and, if you do it too many times, it could end up costing you a lot of money. Let’s look at an example: Say you borrowed $100 for 14 days (until your next payday). Your account will be drafted by the lender for the $120 (includes your $20 fee). The APR (annual percentage rate) of that loan is 521%! If you can’t pay back the $120 on the due date, you can rollover the loan for another two weeks. If you rollover the loan three times, the finances charge would reach $60 for a $100 loan. That’s pretty high interest, don’t you think?

These are things you need to consider when you’re deciding if a payday loan is the right choice in your particular situation. Yes, the cost of the loan is high, but it provides you with the money you need, when you need it, thus avoiding a lot of stress and trouble. It’s very true in consumerism today that convenience costs money. But is it worth that much? That’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where can you get a faxless no credit check payday loan online?

Faxless no credit check online payday loan companies are all over the internet. There are over 10,000 payday loan lenders in business in the U.S. And they’re spread out in similar fashion throughout the world. If you havent found the quality lender online that you deserve then you've came to the right place.  Give Speedy Payday Cash a try at helping you fine the best lender available.

Payday lenders are in business to “help” those in dire financial need. They offer loans to people who can’t find the money they need anywhere else or who simply want the ease and convienience of borrowing online.

Let’s profile one company who offers payday loans as part of their overall financial services business –Speedy Payday Cash.

Speedy Payday Cash was created as an alternative to banks. Their hours would extend beyond banking hours, and they situated themselves in the online lending market, unlike banks. Unlike other online lenders they offer several different loan options, such as 1 hour loans, line of credit, payday loan cash advances.  They must be on the right track because they are growing rappidly and their customers have been pleased.

A typical Speedy Payday Cash customer is an average working person, 32 years old (82% of customers are under the age of 45) and employed, with an annual income around the national average. These customers come to Speedy Payday Cash because of their fast service, their availability online, the fact that they can apply 24 hours a day and the fact that they get to choose the lender and not get passed around. The founders of Speedy Payday Cash were right – their original ideas are proven right every day.

Since adding payday cash advances to their financial services, they’ve carved themselves a very nice niche in the industry. But they’re definitely not the only choice. You can now find at least one, and usually several, payday loan lenders advertising on about every internet service or page.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Why would you get a payday loan?

Payday loans are popular for a number of reasons.

■To those who are in the position of needing one, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

And yes there are disadvantages, but we’ll look at those in a later post.

1.Put yourself in the shoes of the person who needs some fast cash. Perhaps you’ve just been put in the unenviable position of unexpectedly needing some cash and being “caught short”. You might have had an unexpected medical bill or car repair bill, or you might be needing to travel unexpectedly, like in the case of a death in the family.

2.Others may need fast cash to pay their everyday expenses, like rent, groceries, utilities, etc.

Whatever the reason, when you need cash and you just don’t have it.

■ A payday loan is a great choice
■ There is nothing to fax with a faxless payday lone
■ There is no credit check so no worries there
■ You can get cash in 1 hour with a 1 hour payday loan
■ You can pay it back over time and even reborrow with a line of credit

Well, what are the benefits of payday loans?

1. You won’t have to go through the hassle of a credit check when applying for a payday loan.
2. You can apply easily and quickly on the Internet for a payday loan.
3. The process takes less than 20 minutes to apply for a cash loan.
4. The cash loan proceeds are automatically deposited into your bank account within 24 hours.
5. Payday cash loans are affordable, at least immediately – you won't have any up-front costs.
6. Online cash advances are discreet – nobody else is involved.
7. Cash loans are secure – your financial information is encrypted and isn’t shared with others.

Ok, that makes sense. Those are enough reasons to get rid of the stress of being short of cash. It’s a “quick fix”. You can cover the shortage, and get on with your life. And you’ll be able to pay it back on your next payday, right? So we’ve solved your problem.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Speedy Pay Day Cash Launches On-Site Blog

Why would you want your blog to be on-site?
With blogger and feed burner blogs, why you might ask, would Speedy Payday Cash need an on-site blog? 
If you really don't know the answer to this question then this post is definitely for you!

Three Good Reasons Why You Should Host Your Blog on Your Own Domain

1. It lets you build a reputation with search engines and build a brand as a blogger.
2. It significantly increases your site content letting the search engines know that you are important.
3. It increases traffic directly to your site not to a blog engine site
4. It allows you to index your blog, add it to your sitemap and make all links "do follow"

Yes, I know that was four great reasons. Lucky You!

For these reasons and many more

Come take a peak and leave a comment or two