Sunday, June 15, 2014

Find Out How to Get Safe Personal Loans Over the Internet at the Best Cost

Don’t let unscrupulous lenders take advantage of you—find out how to get safe personal loans over the internet at the best cost possible

Safe Personal Loans
Robert S. - Direct Lender and
Advocate for Safe Personal Loans
An unscrupulous lender is a person who employs bad business practices for financial gain at the expense of a borrower. Many unscrupulous lenders will write contracts in such as way that set a client up for failure. Unscrupulous lenders tend to prey on people facing an immediate financial crisis. These people are often in a rush to get money and in the process of searching for a lender they fail to look at all the small details of the contract. Due to unscrupulous lending tactics, the fast cash market has earned a bad reputation.

"Unscrupulous lenders have almost ruined the entire fast cash industry," Robert S., a direct lender from California explained to us. "Unscrupulous lenders steal money for their own financial gain. Many state governments have made fast cash lending illegal based solely on individual unscrupulous lenders. We tell all our customers that there are ways to get a safe personal loan at a good cost."

Here are some ways to ensure you'll get a safe personal loan:

1). Slow down and read the fine print.

It doesn't matter how much you're in a hurry to get cash—read, read, read. If you don't, it could cost you big. Safe personal loan agreements should specify APR, late fees, and if there are any prepayment penalty fees. Good lenders will want you to know what you’re getting yourself into and if you’ll be able to make the payments.

2). Find a lender with a safe website.

All online lenders that offer safe personal loans will have an encrypted site. These lenders will advertise the fact that their sites are safe because they want you to feel comfortable applying with them. A site that isn't encrypted/doesn't mention anything about safety or has poor design/bad grammar is a red flag.

3). Use a website that submits your application to multiple direct lenders.

Competition is critical for a healthy economy. You want direct lenders to fight over your business. Competition ensures you’ll get a good rate with great terms. You can guarantee you’ll pay more money in fees if you choose to submit your application with one specific lender. Most safe personal loan short term lending servicing companies will require potential borrowers to fill out their personal information through their online application. When a potential borrower submits that application, it is seen by hundreds of lenders. The lenders who are able to fulfill the borrower’s request will get filtered down to the sole lender who can offer the borrower the most money at the lowest cost.

4). Choose an honest, friendly lender.

A lender who tries to rush you into a deal doesn't have your best interest at heart. A safe personal loan lender will answer all your questions without hesitation. They’ll tell you exactly what the terms of your safe personal loan are. Any lender that isn't friendly, pressures you into signing an agreement, or avoids your questions should cause concern.

5). Get online and read reviews.

Becoming more informed about the short term lending industry is the first step to getting a great deal on a safe personal loan. Read blogs like this one. Search company reviews to see what other people are saying. Listen to your gut—if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

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