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Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting a 1 Hour Cash Advance is Just a Few Clicks Away

1 hour cash advanceAnyone who gets paid monthly will understand how tight the finances can be a week or two out from payday and if unexpected and urgent expenses arise during this time many people may find themselves in a position where they can’t possibly meet these expenses. To assist with these bills and reduce the risk of destroying your credit rating you may want to consider a 1 hour cash advance to get the extra money you need immediately.

A 1 hour cash advance loan is a small cash loan that you take out using your next paycheck as collateral. The amount you are able to borrow through these kinds of loans is dependent on your income and is generally a percentage of your paycheck. Most people will take out a 1 hour cash advance loan when they are met with sudden and unexpected expenses that they have not factored into their monthly budget and therefore do not have the funds to make these payments immediately.

The great thing about a 1 hour cash advance is that it enables you to access money almost instantly. These loans take minutes to apply for and approval time takes less than an hour, after which the lender will be able to transfer your cash loan into your bank account immediately. For this reason it is hardly surprising that 1 hour cash advance loans are fast becoming one of the most popular cash loan products around.

In order to ensure that getting a 1 hour cash advance is a positive thing for you and your family you need to carefully consider your individual financial situation and make certain that you can afford to repay the loan with your next paycheck without experiencing further financial hardship.

When you apply for a 1 hour cash advance the lender requires you to fill out simple application and sign a loan agreement whereby you agree to pay back the loan on your next payday. If there are insufficient funds to clear your loan, you will be faced with additional charges and penalties, making your 1 hour cash advance rather expensive.

Before applying for a 1 hour cash advance you could do some research of the many thousands of lenders online or use Speedy Payday Cash where we have pre-qualified the lenders for you. We only allow lenders into our network that are reputable, offer the lowest fees and the greatest number of loan options. You should however, carefully read your loan document to ensure you are aware of and agree with all the terms the lender is offering before you sign.

1 hour cash advancesGetting a 1 hour cash advance is now easier than ever and there are many trustworthy and reliable lenders available online, right now - through Speedy Payday Cash, that are committed to making the process of getting a payday cash advance loan as fast and stress free as possible for their customers. So when you have an expense pop up that can’t wait until payday, get to Speedy Payday Cash and see how quick and easy we've made it for you to get money fast with a 1 hour cash advance loan.

Speedy Payday Cash lenders offers 1 Hour Cash Advances, Lines of Credit, Faxless Payday Loans and more with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Access Cash From Lenders with Options that Meet your Payday Cash Advance Loan Needs

payday cash advance loansMany people these days are becoming quite accustomed to living from one paycheck to another, and while they might be able to manage their finances in order to meet their general monthly living costs, a sudden or unexpected expense may see them in a very difficult financial position. For people who are in this situation payday cash advance loans are certainly a welcome relief, as they allow people to access small cash loans that can be repaid with their next paycheck.

Those people who receive a monthly paycheck will probably be able to relate to feeling quite financially strained a week or so out from payday, and for these people a sudden financial outlay during this period could mean disaster. Payday cash advance loans are designed to meet people’s short term cash shortages by providing them with a small loan that can be repaid from their next paycheck. For those of you in need of access to cash quickly, payday cash advance loans could well be the answer to your short term money stresses.

Payday cash advance loans are easy and fast to obtain and can be applied for within minutes over the Internet via Speedy Payday Cash's website. With many companies offering payday cash advance loans online, shopping around and finding a competitive quote is now easily done from the comfort of your own home, by coming to Speedy Payday Cash you will see that all the research has been done for you. With us there is no credit checks or collateral required and there is no need to search for and send off any supplementary documentation, which makes payday cash advance loans though us perhaps the easiest loan products available today.

There are fees and charges applicable to payday cash advance loans, and these charges can vary considerably between lenders, so and for this very reason we only included those lenders, in our network, who had the lowest fees available online. We also only include lenders that are honest, credible and forth coming with their fees. Payday cash advance loans are priced according to the amount of money borrowed. Our lenders only charge a one off payment that is calculated on the amount lent, usually a certain amount for every $100 borrowed. Because of this it is important that you carefully consider the amount you need and try to resist the temptation to borrow above the needed amount.

payday cash advance loanThe terms and conditions of payday cash advance loans will generally stipulate that the loan be repaid within a month, but our lenders offer extensions to the repayment terms which allows the loan to be paid later when needed, others offer installment loans or lines of credit where the money can be re-borrowed when needed and without re-applying. This is, however, entirely dependent on the lender you choose, so read the listed options for each lender and choose the one that is right for you.

Payday cash advance loans can be applied for online, at our site: Speedy Payday Cash, within a few short minutes, and after your details have been verified with the lender, you will have access to the funds almost instantly. Typically these loans can be applied for, approved and the money deposited into your checking account by either the next business morning or when needed within 1 hour, making them the fastest way to get a loan.

Only with Speedy Payday Cash can you choose the lender that offers the loan options that meet your needs!